I am an Assistant Professor at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Department of Industrial Design and the TU/e Expertise Center for Dementia & Technology (ECDT). 

I am passionate about designing and researching multisensory and tangible technologies that positively impact the wellbeing of vulnerable users or communities by providing social, sensory, and aesthetic enrichment during everyday life.

Feel free to contact me or follow my research via LinkedInGoogle Scholar or ResearchGate!

📣 OPEN PHD POSITION ON: Designing for Dynamics in Vulnerability! DEADLINE JULY 14
Experience & education
Assistant Professor (2023 - Current)
Department of Industrial Design, 
Eindhoven University of Technology,
Postdoc (2022 - '23)
TU/e Expertise Center for Dementia & Technology
PhD Candidate (2018 - '22)
Department of Industrial Design, 
Eindhoven University of Technology
Guest Researcher (2018 - '22)
TRANZO Center for Care and Wellbeing, 
Tilburg University
Research Assistant (2017 - '18)
Department of Architecture, KU Leuven
Research Internship (2016)
Department of Architecture, KU Leuven
M.Sc. Engineering: Architecture (2015 - '17)
Faculty of Engineering Science, KU Leuven
B.Sc. Engineering: Architecture (2012 - '15)
Faculty of Engineering Science, KU Leuven
PhD students supervision
Sanne Beijer: Design-Focused Technology Implementation in Dementia Care
Alicia Valencia: Investigating Self-Directed Play in the Context of Dementia
Teis Arets: Co-Designing AI Technologies to Foster Social Connectedness in Dementia

📣 OPEN PHD POSITION ON: Designing for Dynamics in Vulnerability! (JULY 14)
Research Interests
In 2022, I obtained my PhD cum laude by investigating the beneficial effects of everyday sounds and soundscapes in technologies for people with dementia. I adopt an inclusive design approach by closely involving end-users and stakeholders such as vulnerable people, their social context, care practitioners, and policymakers in the design process of emerging technologies that address quality of life. I hold a master’s degree in engineering sciences: architecture and gained research experience in Human-Computer Interaction and interactive media architecture at the Research[x]Design group at KU Leuven. With a background in architecture, engineering sciences, and design, I strive to research in transdisciplinary settings by designing and evaluating tangible design artefacts that provide rich multisensory experiences in everyday environments, such as people’s homes or public spaces, including sensitive settings, such as care homes.
TOP Publications
Design Opportunities for Care Transitions in Dementia: Understanding Informal Caregivers' Experiences Through a Practice-Informed Approach
Maarten Houben, Rens Brankaert, Maudy Gosen, Veerle van Overloop, and Wijnand IJsselsteijn.
In Proceedings of the 2024 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI’ 24)

The Role of Everyday Sounds in Advanced Dementia Care
Maarten Houben, Rens Brankaert, Saskia Bakker, Gail Kenning, Inge Bongers, and Berry Eggen
In Proceedings of the 2020 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI '20)
🏆 Best Paper Award | DOI | PDF | Video

Designing for Everyday Sounds at Home with People with Dementia and their Partners. 
Maarten Houben, Rens Brankaert, Gail Kenning, Inge Bongers and Berry Eggen
In Proceedings of the 2022 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI’ 22)

Foregrounding Everyday Sounds in Dementia
Maarten Houben, Rens Brankaert, Saskia Bakker, Gail Kenning, Inge Bongers, and Berry Eggen
In Proceedings of the 2019 Conference on Designing Interactive Systems (DIS '19)
🏆 Best Paper Award | DOI | PDF | Video

Enriching Everyday Lived Experiences in Dementia Care
Maarten Houben, Rens Brankaert, Emma Dhaeze, Gail Kenning, Inge Bongers and Berry Eggen
In Proceedings of the 2022 Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction (TEI '22)
DOI | PDF | Video

For the full list, see Publications or Google Scholar​​​​​​​

Finalist AN Dissertation Award: Alzheimer Nederland 2023 Link
Runner-up INTERDEM Academy Publication Award: Interdem Academy 2022-2023 | Link
Nominated TU/e Science Awards: Best PhD Thesis: TU/e Research Day 2023 | Link
Doctoral Dissertation Awarded Cum Laude: Eindhoven University of Technology, 2022 | Link
Shortlisted for IxDA Awards 2022: The Interaction Design Association | Link
Best Paper Award CHI'20 (top 1%): 2020 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, Honolulu, Hawaiʻi | Link
Best Paper Award DIS'19 (top 1%): 2019 ACM conference on Designing Interactive Systems, San Diego, California | Link
Media Architecture Award 2018: in category 'Animated Architecture' at the Media Architecture Biennale '18, Beijing Link 
Nomination Belgian Building Awards 2018: Category 'Art Integration', Batibouw, Brussels | Link
BESIX Master's Thesis Award 2017: Faculty of Engineering Science at KU Leuven | Link
Research projects
Homing Compass: Designing for navigation and outdoor life in dementia (2022 - 2024) | Website
Eindhoven University of Technology – Alzheimer Nederland
AGE-FI: Age Fiction(s) Investigations | Website
Eindhoven University of Technology – TU Delft – TU Twente
Everyday Sounds of Dementia: A ZonMW Create Health Project (2018 - 2021) | Website
Eindhoven University of Technology - Tilburg University - Slimmer Leven - Archipel
Sounds Like Home - CLICKNL Fieldlab Sense Of Home (2021) | Website
Eindhoven University of Technology - Fontys - Qwiek - Vitalis
MUURmelaar: an Interactive Facade with Architectural Value (2016 - 2018) | Website
Research[x]Design - KU Leuven - DMOA
Citizen Dialogue Kit for smart cities, citizen science and open data (2017 - 2018) | Website
OrganiCity - Research[x]Design - KU Leuven
Academic service
Organizing Committee 
CHI 2022 Late-Breaking Work: Associate Chair 
Dementia Lab Conference 2022: 1st Editor Conference Proceedings
Dementia Lab Conference 2020/2021: Editor Conference Proceedings
International Journal of Design: Journal Article,2024
CHI 2024: Full Paper Track (Special Recognition for Outstanding Review)
CHI 2023: Full Paper Track (Special Recognition for Outstanding Review)
CUI 2023: Poster track
CHI 2022: Full Paper Track (2 Special Recognitions for Outstanding Reviews)
TEI 2022: Full Paper Track
CSCW 2022: Full Paper Track
CHI 2021: Full Paper Track
DIS 2021: Full Paper Track
TEI 2021: Full Paper Track
Presentations & Workshops
Paper Presentation
Dutch Post-CHI, Amsterdam, June 2022
Dementia Lab 2021, online, January 2021 (watch video)
Dementia Lab Conference, Eindhoven, October 2019
Invited Talk:  
LSH PPS dag 2021, online, March 2021
29th Alzheimer Europe Conference, The Hague, October 2019
15e Bijeenkomst Lerend Netwerk Dementie, Rode Kruis Eindhoven, June 2019
11e Bijeenkomst Lerend Netwerk Dementie, ZuidZorg Eindhoven, May 2018
Professional/trade journals
Co-creatie bij het ontwikkelen van geluidsdragers voor mensen met dementie ZonMw June 2023
Industrieel ontwerp zet de mens in de zorg centraal Mestmag February 2023
Healthtech speelt een steeds grotere rol bij de kwaliteit van leven:  Innovation Origins NL Mei 2021
Warme technologie: design met én voor mensen met dementie: Publicaties ZonMw Maart 2021
Dutch Design Week 2020, World Design Embassies: Co-design in de anderhalvemetermaatschappij October 2020
Nadenken over het beleefkussen vanuit Cees, Ellen en Piet: Zoekhetuit! December 2019
Kussen helpt voor beter contact bij dementie: Skipr Tea Keijl. 12, 9: 30–33. September 2019
MUURmelaar verrast voorbijgangers: Innovatief April 2018
A singing building to brighten your day: India Art N Design March 2018
Levende gevel begroet voorbijgangers met geluiden: ENTRR March 2018
Geluidsproject Muurmelaar nieuw kantoor DMOA: ARCHITECTURA March 2018
National / local media
Een muzikale gevel? Deze architecten kregen het voor elkaar: Het Laatste Nieuws February 2019
Gevel reageert op voorbijgangers: ROB-TV March 2018
Levende gevel maakt geluid wanneer je passeert: Nieuwsblad March 2018
The memory of sound CURSOR November 2022
Tumbler on the shortlist for IxDA' 2022 Interaction Awards IxDA March 2022
Everyday Sounds of Dementia: Designing Warm Technology for and with People with Dementia: MMI Platform January 2022
Onderzoek naar inzet 3D-geluid voor meer thuisgevoel: Vitalis Nieuws Maart 2021
PhD Students Are Valued Members of Our Research Activity: TU/e LinkedIn January 2020
Contact maken dankzij het VITA beleefkussen: Slimmer Leven December 2019
Resultaten Everyday Sounds of Dementia Workshops: Archipel Nieuws June 2019
Eerste resultaten workshops Everyday Sounds of Dementia: Slimmer Leven April 2019
MUURmelaar wins the 2018 Media Architecture Awards: KU Leuven Nieuws March 2019
Kom zelf de MUURmelaar ervaren!: Dag van de Wetenschap 2018 November 2018
Levende Leuvense gevel begroet voorbijgangers met geluiden: KU Leuven Nieuws March 2018
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